Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Do you suffer from neck & back pain? Suffer from headaches?

Here’s a great morning or after work routine to help relieve some of that neck and back pain! Whether you spend hours at a desk or staring down at your phone, this routine will help release tension stored in the neck, back of shoulders & mid-back.

You'll need 3 props for this routine:

  1. Yoga Wheel
  2. Massage Ball
  3. Neck Roll
Purchase your Yoga Wheel!


Do struggle with anxiety?  I feel your pain! Until I dated a chiropractor, I had no idea my breath was effecting my anxiety and how much my ribs were effecting my anxiety. Your ribs are the only bones moving 24/7 so they can go out pretty easily…especially if you sit on the couch like a pretzel like myself!


A rib going out of place can be uncomfortable but on top of the obvious discomfort, this can restrict breathing.  That shortness of breath you experience during panic attacks is made SO MUCH WORSE if you’re ribs are out of alignment!!


When I dated a chiropractor, I would get rib adjustments almost daily because of how bad mine were. Nothing beats a quality rib adjustment but the yoga wheel has been my savior since parting ways. These can be purchased at some local yoga studios or on Amazon.  Average about $30. I recommend the 12-inch wheels for these purposes. I’ve included a good option HERE!

Purchase your massage balls!

Massage Ball

No need to use fancy myofascial balls.  I use lacrosse, tennis and racquet balls in my stretch and myofascial release classes.  I recommend grabbing 2 of each because I like to have a variety for the different areas of the body!  If you like deep tissue, try the firm option!  If you’re more of a Swedish massage lover – go with the soft option!

Firm – lacrosse ball

Medium – tennis ball

Soft – black racquet ball

Neck Roll

If you work at a desk more than 2 hours a day, I highly recommend investing in a neck orthotic such as Denneroll by Chiropractic Biophysics! These help reshape your neck curve to help relieve tension, headaches and restore proper posture.  


Denneroll is my top pick for neck orthotic but it is pricier and can only be purchased through a doctors office. Apex is a cheaper option that can be found on amazon. It’s not as customizable and I’ve never used myself as I’m an avid Denneroll fan but it is an option if you’re looking to save or don’t feel comfortable going to a doctors office during the quarantine.

Morning Routing Recap

  • 2 minutes yoga wheel

  • 4-8 minutes massage ball

  • 4-10 minutes neck roll

Try this 10-20 minute routine in the morning or after a long day at a desk! This routine is perfect for unrounding the shoulders, opening the chest, restoring proper neck curve and releasing tension in the neck, mid-back & low-back!


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