Beginner’s Yoga Flow

I used to hate yoga. I hated how intimidated I felt to walk into a studio. I didn’t feel like part of a community, instead I felt like an odd man out. It was like I was wearing a big sign telling everyone I didn’t belong here. I didn’t understand the language, the poses or the concept of quieting your mind. As some studios I felt assaulted by the overwhelming amount of positivity, pachouli, sound bowls and crystals. Others left me feeling like I needed a closet full of lululemon and the ability to reach full wheel pose in a 90 degree room to be a real yogi. Where were the classes for the people in between? The one’s who aren’t wearing crystals in our tjmaxx sports bras?!

Sometimes it can feel like yoga isn’t for you but honestly, it’s usually just a matter of finding the right one for you. If you’re anxious as hell the last thing you need is a level 2, heated class (hmm sounds like a future blog topic…). If you have severe shoulder and disc issues, maybe opt out for a yin/restorative yoga over that handstand or backbend workshop. It’s about finding the right yoga for your body AND your mind. It takes a lot of trial and error to find yoga that is right for you, but take it from someone who HATED yoga and is now a yoga teacher – Don’t stop searching!

That being said….Thank you being here! I don’t know where you’re at on your yoga journey but kudos to you for showing up to your mat. The hardest part of yoga is showing up but here you are! Don’t discredit how huge that is. Take these next 15 minutes to focus on yourself – the mind, body and breath.

This beginner’s yoga flow focuses mainly on stretching the hamstrings & quads (the cause of lots of back pain) and strengthening the core. This flow is great if you’re new to yoga or think you’re not flexible enough to try. Warning: Side effects of yoga may include increased flexibility! I’ve offered a few modifications in the video but always be mindful and listen to how your body is showing up on the mat on that given day. Enjoy the flow!

Recommended Yoga Props: 2 Blocks, 1 Blanket, 1 Yoga Mat

P.S. I forgot to mention in the video but if you have knee pain, please use a blanket (or 2) under the knees. If anyone needs a modification for their specific body please message me on instagram at @azfityogi

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